How to Fix iPhone 7 Plus Stuck in Recovery Mode
Your iPhone 7 Plus gets stuck in recovery mode? The iPhone enters recovery mode automatically when boot it up and you can not get iPhone out of the loop, once restore the system, the iTunes reports error code? Relax! In this article, we will share how to restore stuck iPhone 7 Plus from recovery mode without losing any data now.

First, connect the iPhone 7 Plus to a computer with the Apple lightning cable, and then use iTunes to restore it. When the progress bar runs to 20%, it stops moving and gets stuck in recovery mode.

Based on this situation, the iPhone 7 Plus runs slowly and gets stuck in recovery mold may be caused by the iPhone Nand flash.

Then, use screwdrivers to remove the screws next the iPhone lightning port, use CPB screen separator to heating the iPhone 7 Plus screen, and then use LCD opening tools to open the iPhone screen.

Remove the iPhone display assembly, disconnect the iPhone battery, and then take out the iPhone motherboard.

Observing the iPhone motherboard, it looks good. Attach the iPhone motherboard to a PCB holder fixture, put it under a Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope.

Now use hot air gun to heat the iPhone Nand flash, and use tweezers to remove the iPhone Nand flash.

Use soldering iron and solder wire to clean the solder pad, and then clean it with PCB cleaner.

Now put iPhone Nand flash on the MJ 3D BGA reballing stencil, allpy some solder paste to it, and then use hot air gun to reball it.

Once done, install the iPhone Nand flash chip to the iPhone motherboard, and then assemble the iPhone 7 Plus.

Connect the iPhone 7P to the computer, and then use iTunes to restore it, now the iPhone 7 Plus can be restored successfully and it enters IOS system properly.

Do you have any experiences with putting your iPhone 7 Plus stuck in Recovery Mode? How's it going? Please share us your thoughts and experiences in the comment below.

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