How to Fix iPhone XS Touch Screen Not Working issue
In our daily life, the touch screen of iPhone XS is easy to get touch function damaged. The iPhone XS screen touch function suddenly doesn't work during normal use. When we touch the iPhone XS screen, it doens't respond. It is may caused by motherboard issue. Today we will show you how to troubleshoot and fix no touch motherboard issue. Hope you will like our sharing.

First of all, connect the iPhone XS to the computer by iPhone lightning cable, and then use iTunes to restore the iPhone XS. After restoring, test the iPhone XS, unfortunately, the iPhone XS touch function is still not working.

Next, we're going to fix it by replacing the new iPhone XS screen. Use screwdriver to remove the screws at the bottom of the iPhone screen, and then put iPhone XS on the CPB screen separator for heating, after a while, use LCD sucker to open the iPhone screen. Remove the iPhone screen, install a new screen, and then test it, but the iPhone XS touch function is still not working, which means it's not the problem of the iPhone screen.

Now we need to check iPhone motherboard. Disassemble the iPhone XS, remove the iPhone XS screen. Use Fluke multimeter to measure the resistance value of the iPhone motherboard touch connector, when measured the 28 Pin, the value is 0, which is abnormal.

Log in to the ZXW online account to check iPhone schematic diagram, we know that the 28 Pin is PP5V25_Touch_VDDH, 5.25V is power supply for touch screen. According to the iPhone schematic diagram, it's output by the iPhone touch screen IC U5600, which has 3 filter capacitors in the circuit.

Use PHONEFIX 939 Soldering Station to remove these 3 filter capacitors, and then use digital multimeter to measure the 28 Pin again, now the resistance value is normal.

Assemble the iPhone XS, turn it on, and then test the iPhone XS screen touch function, now the iPhone XS touch function is working perfectly, the iPhone XS touch failure has been solved!

Hope above methods are helpful to you. If none of these methods can not fix your issue, maybe you need to go to an Apple repair shop to repair your iPhone.

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