How to Fix MacBook Not Charging After Water Damaged

Did you Spill liquid on your MacBook? Has your MacBook doesn't charge? A customer told us that his MacBook was sprinkled with liquid and now it can't charge normally. The MacBook model is A1534 and the motherboard model is 820-00045-A.

If you find your MacBook connect MacBook to the power supply via iPhone lightning cable and not charging properly when plugged in, then no need to guess that your MacBook battery must have been damaged or the MacBook charger has been damaged from the inside. We need to resolve this charging issue to get the MacBook back to normal operation. What should we do?

Firstly, we need to test this MacBook. Press the MacBook power button, it displayed the charge icon, connect the MacBook to the power supply via Apple lightning cable, sometimes it can be charged, but sometimes not, it jumps repeatedly.

And we still can see the liquid on the keyboard.

We need to disassemble the MacBook to check interior of it. Use PHONEFIX screwdriver to remove the screws of the rear case, open the rear case, we much be careful to the connection flex cable of the touch control board.

We can't open the rear case completely, after opening it, disconnect the flex cable that connected to the MacBook motherboard and the remove the screws that fixed the MacBook battery. After opening it, we can see visible traces of liquid inside the MacBook.

It's mainly entered from the power supply interface; there is a lot of liquid on the MacBook battery and keyboard. First replace the new power supply flex cable to try.

After replacing the new power supply flex cable, supply power to it, the screen is on, and we can see that the backlight of the MacBook screen also has a lot of liquid.

Disconnect the power supply, clean the area that entered the liquid with alcohol, we use tweezers to clamp cotton with alcohol to clean it.

Now we need to replace the power supply flex cable, we need to separate the upper part of the MacBook completely. Remove the old power supply flex cable; we can see that it's totally corroded.

After replacing the power supply flex cable, install the MacBook, connect the MacBook to the power supply via Apple lightning cable to supply power, it worked, the MacBook entered the system properly, and the charge function works normally. Test the keyboard, it also works good. The problem has been solved!

If after using the tips above, your phone still does not work, go ahead and seek professional help to repair your MacBook. Thanks for reading.

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