How to Fix or Replace iPhone 7 Shaking Rear Camera

There are always some problems about camera, like iPhone camera black , iPhone camera not focus, iPhone camera shaking and so on. Today, we take iPhone 7 rear camera shaking repair as an example to teach you how to fix or replace iPhone camera shaking issue.

An iPhone 7 users feedback that while taking a picture from his iPhone 7 Camera, he can see picture shaking as he hold it straight. However, when he tilt it sideways, the picture appears stable.

Some have found that magnets can prevent the iPhone 7 rear camera from shaking. When the magnet is attached to the camera bracket ring, the rear camera immediately stops shaking. But when the magnet was removed, the rear camera at once started shaking.

There is a coil for focusing inside the rear camera. The magnet can prevent the coil from shaking by influencing the magnetic field.

Usually, there are two reasons for the shaking problem of iPhone 7 rear camera.

1. The rear camera is broken. You can change rear camera to fix it.

2. The rear camera circuit has malfunctioned.

1. iPhone 7 Rear Camera Replacement

1 .Discharge your iPhone battery below 25%. Power off your iPhone before beginning disassembly. Remove the two screws on the iPhone bottom with screwdriver. Soften the adhesive use a hairdryer securing the display.

2. Attach a suction cup to the lower half of the display assembly, and insert the flat end of a spudger into the gap. Twist the spudger to widen the gap between the display and rear case.

3. Pull the display assembly slightly away from the top edge of the phone to disengage the clips holding it to the rear case.

4. Remove the lower connector bracket with tweezers. Lift the battery connector out of its socket on the logic board. Disconnect the two lower display connectors by prying them straight up from their sockets on the logic board.

5. Remove the screws securing the bracket over the front panel sensor assembly connector. Disconnect the front panel sensor assembly connector from its socket on the logic board. Remove the iPhone 7 display assembly.

6. Disconnect the rear-facing camera's press connector from its socket on the logic board. Remove the screws securing the rear camera bracket and the bracket. Remove the rear-facing camera and install the display and test.

How to fix the iPhone 7 rear camera circuit malfunction resulting in rear camera shaking problem?

1. Confirm the damaged rear camera circuit. Take apart iPhone 7 with opening tools kit and remove the display assembly.

2. Take out the logic board and check the rear camera connector. Run diode mode measurement it. The measured value of Pin 16 is 0, which is abnormal. The normal value should be 600, judging by this, relevant circuits of Pin 16 have shorted to ground.

3. Locate the faulty component. There are multiple filter capacitors on the circuit, so we can locate the faulty component with ‘rosin detecting’ method.

4. Tear off the shielding sticker and run cosmetic inspection of the logic board. The logic board is not deformed or water damaged.

Smoke rosin on relevant components of the circuit and set voltage of the DC Power Supply to 2.8V. Continue to connect test leads of the Multimeter to the DC power supply.

6. With the black probe contacting a GND connection on the logic board, contact the red probe to Pin 2 of FL2502. Check whether the rail between Pin 2 of FL2502 and J4501 has shorted. Rosin on C2519 melts immediately. Judging by this, C2519 is damaged.

7. Clear fault. Since C2519 is a filter capacitor, we can simply detach it from the board. Attach the logic board to PCB Holder. Remove C219 with Hot Air Gun.

Clean with PCB Cleaner afterward. Run diode mode measurement of the bonding pad of C2519. The measured value is 645, which is normal.

8. Assemble the phone and test. Get the logic board and display assembly installed.

9. Connect the iPhone 7 battery and press the power button. The phone turns on normally. Tap on the camera app on the home screen. The rear camera stops shaking. 

10. Switch to the front camera and the front camera works normally, switch back to the rear camera and take a picture. Check the phone taken. Everything goes well.

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