How To Quickly Refurbish The iPhone 12 OLED Screen

The iPhone 12 display screen is undoubtedly one of its most talked-about features, It’s tough, lightweight, and "virtually impervious to heat and electricity". Even so, an accidental drop can immediately impact the quality of this viewing experience no matter how careful we are. Here China Phonefix Team will show you how to refurbish the iPhone 12 OLED screen.

How to refurbish an iPhone 12 Screen?

Step 1: Heat the screen and remove the iPhone 12 Ear Speaker flex cable. Dip adhesive remover on the bezel and use Razor Blade to remove the bezel. 

Step 2: Separate the OLED along the bottom layer of the glass lens with cutting wire. Place the OLED on the heating platform. Remove the OCA adhesive with Electric OCA Glue Remover Machine.

Step 3: Apply the OCA adhesive to the glass lens. Put the glass lens with OCA adhesive into the M-Triangel MT-12 Bubble Removing Machine for 3 minutes.

Step 4: Apply the OCA adhesive to the glass lens after connect the OLED and ear speaker flex cable. Remove Bubble and curing OCA Glue. Put the screen into the  TBK 108P Vacuum Laminating Machine.

Step 5
: Removing bubble in the Bubble Removing Machine for 10 minutes and then cure OCA Glue. Refurbishment finished.

The iPhone 12’s OLED Screen is a serious upgrade from the former LCD found on the iPhone 11 Pro and other previous models, so its refurbishment is easier.

How much does it cost to repair an iPhone 12 Screen?

Cracked screen repair costs vary from store to store and from region to region. 

Screen Repair
Retail Price
 Replacement Price
iPhone 12 $279 $799+ MSRP As low as $687
iPhone 12 mini $279 $699+ MSRP As low as $565
iPhone 12 Pro $279 $999+ MSRP As low as $925
iPhone 12 Pro Max $329 $1099+ MSRP As low as $925

Usually, independent repair shops like China Phonefix Shop can perform similar iPhone 12 OLED Screen cheaper and faster than the Apple Store and other shop. With four times greater resistance to damage from drops, iPhone 12 Series ceramic-protected screens are "tougher than any smartphone glass". 

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