How to Refurbish iPhone 12 OLED Screen
Don't worry if your iPhone 12 screen not responding, read this guidance with numerous solutions to refurbish the iPhone 12 OLED Screen Assembly.

Step 1: Bezel Removing

1. iPhone 12 ear speaker sensor ring is integrated into the bezel. Heat the screen before removing it. Remove the ear speaker flex cable first.

2. Dip adhesive remover on the bezel first. Separate the bezel using the Blade.

3. Using Cutting Wire to separate the OLED along the bottom layer of the glass lens.

4. Roll up the OCA adhesive with the Electric Adhesive Removing Tool and remove the remaining OCA adhesive with a hand.

5. Install the ear speaker flex cable and OLED. Test its function, and everything goes well.

6. Attach the OCA adhesive to the glass lens. Put the glass lens with OCA adhesive into the TBK-808A Bubble Removing Machine for 3 minutes.

7. Then put it into the Mechanic LV60 UV Curing Box for Curing OCA Glue.

8. Clean the OLED and use the pull tape to stick a corner of the glass lens, and align iPhone 12 manually.

Step 2: Laminating

1. Put the screen into the MT-12 laminating machine.

2. Using bubble removing machine to remove the bubble on the screen back.

3. Cure OCA Glue though the UV Lamp. After assembling the refurbished screen on the phone, all functions work well.

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