How To Register a Baidu Account Internationally?
Recently, China Phonefix Team added a service to help customers download Apple Watch firmware(ipsw file for Apple Watch S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6) to fix/restore/unlock their Apple Watch. Because the file memory is too large, registering a Baidu account will help us download Apple Watch Firmware faster and more efficiently.

Please follow these steps to register your Baidu account:

1. Open this page:, click "Sign in with SMS code"

2. Select the phone area code for the country, and enter your phone number, click "Send a dynamic password"

3. Now you'll see a hint: "Your phone number is not registered, click on the register will automatically register Baidu account and bind with this mobile", Click "Register now".

4. Set a password, and close this page (Baidu AI Cloud Account page) and open Baidu website page: You will find that the account is logged in.

5. Open the user center of Baidu account to set "User Name", and then you can then sign in directly with your username and password.

After completing the registration, please contact the China Phonefix Team and they will help you download the firmware, which you can use with your AWRT Adapter(Apple Watch Restore Tool), and finally fix/restore/unlock your Apple Watch.

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