How to Refurbish iPhone 8 8P X Display Screen
How to replace a damaged iPhone 8/8P/X glass screen in a short time? The glass touch screen of iPhone 8/8P/X is fragile and difficult to repair. After many attempts and failures, the Phonefix store team is honored to introduce to you our hard-won success in iPhone X screen refurbishment. In this article, we will introduce how to repair the broken glass of iPhone 8/8P/X.

Removing Bezel

Before starting to refurbish the iPhone screen, it is necessary fro us to test the screen. Run function test – Display; Touch; 3D Touch and Swipe-up. All going well. Place the iPhone screen component on the FL-669A LCD Screen Separator. Remove the baffle with pry piece and glue cleaner slowly. Cut the top bracket with the cutting spudger, separate the screen from the screen. Be careful with flexible cable when removing the iPhone Bezel in the flexible cable area. Once finished, test the screen again. Run a functional test - display; touch; 3D touch and swipe up. all are normal. So far, the toughest step in the procession of iPhone X screen refurbishment has been completed.

Separate Glass

Place the OLED screen assembly on the heating platform. The OLED lens is separated from the OLED by a cutting line. Test again after separation, it is normal.

OCA Laminating

Embed the OCA rubber block aligning mold into the base. Then place the OCA rubber block into the corresponding position of the mold. Tear off the first layer of the three-layer OCA protective film and place OCA into the corresponding position of the OCA aligning mold.

After that, embed the OCA aligning mold into the base and apply pressure to fit the OCA against the rubber block. Place the whole mold into the OCA Laminating Machine and press “OCA laminating” button. The machine starts to work. Once laminating finished, detach the glass lens mold and take out the glass lens.

OLED Laminating

Remove the OCA rubber block and aligning mold. Place the OLED assembly into the OLED mold. Place the OLED rubber block and embed the OLED mold into the base. Apply pressure to fit the OLED with the rubber block. Once laminating finished, detach the glass lens with opening tool kit mold and take out the OLED screen. With bubbles inside, we need to continue with bubble removing process.

Bezel Attaching

Prepare a new iPhone X Bezel. Apply B7000 Glue evenly on bezel and back of the screen. Then press them against each other and leave to rest for 10 minutes. Last, buckle the screen and power on. Run function test – Display; Touch; 3D Touch and Swipe-up. All going well. iPhone X screen refurbishing completed perfectly.

I hope the iPhone screen flip method we discussed is helpful to you. If you have other questions or suggestions, please leave a message in the comments.

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