How To Use 2021 Latest AWRT Adapter To Restore/Unlock Apple Watch S1-S6?
Here we have the latest AWRT adapter Apple Watch restore tool in 2021, the latest 3 in 1 AWRT adapter combines 3 different probe pins for Apple Watch S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6, no need to replace the restore adapter model. 3 in 1 AWRT adapter Apple Watch restore tool can solve problems such as white apples, exclamation points, restarts, stuck on screens, poor touch, ID lock, etc.

Simple operation, built-in original restore adapter, stable power supply, high-performance. Gold-plated wire and probe holding, data transfer is fast, restore function is fast too.

How to use AWRT Adapter To Restore/Unlock Apple Watch S1-S6?

1. Confirm the Apple watch model(S1/S2/S3/S4/S5/S6)

2. Find the corresponding probe pins model, and then install the Apple Watch on the adapter.

3. Connect the AWRT Adapter to the computer via lightning cable, open iTunes.

4. Choose the correct firmware file for Apple Watch, confirm the server, extract the data.

5. Confirm that the extraction is complete.

6. The Apple watch enters the restore state.

7. Wait patiently for the restore to finish.

8. The Apple watch restore is finished.

9. Restart the Apple Watch.

10. The restart was successful and the Apple Watch data read was successful.

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