How to Use a Hot Air Gun – iPhone Repair Tips

Hot air gun is one of the most frequently used tools in phone repair. Both soldering and desoldering of motherboard components require a hot air gun. Today we will walk you through some basic knowledge of hot air gunn and SUGON 2020D Hot Air Gun. In the first place, let’s take a look at the type of hot air gun.

What are the different types of hot air guns?

There are mainly 3 types of hot air guns, the straight wind type, the helical wind type, and the 2 in 1 type Hot Air Gun. Straight wind and helical wind hot air guns are normally equipped with two accessory nozzles respectively. 

Features of different hot air guns.

The hot air gun with straight wind is normally used to remove small chips and components on the motherboard fixed on MJ K23 Soldering Holder Fixture.

While the hot air gun with helical wind is normally used to disassemble the NAND and large chips on the motherboard.

The helical wind type features gentle airflow and low heat while vertical wind type has concentrated airflow and high heat.

The 2 in 1 hot air gun liKe SUGONG 2020D is the latest hot product in the mobile phone repair industry. By changing the nozzles, it can be easily switched between straight wind and helical wind. Its design is smart, easy to use and place.

How to use different hot air guns respectively?

The hot air gun with the straight wind has high power and more accurate temperature, and its wind is strong and stable.

When equipped with a small air nozzle, it is capable of rapidly partial heating, highly efficient for removing small components, and will not affect the surrounding components.

The hot air gun with the helical wind has moderate power and comparatively softer wind, but its temperature may deviate.

When equipped with a big air nozzle, it is very suitable to remove large and fragile chips on the motherboard like the CPU and Nand Flash Memory IC Chip.

The Vertical hanging type is more secure than the horizontal type. If you are use a horizontal hot air gun, pay special attention not to get burned when using it. Hot air gun temperature control is crucial.

The component can’t be removed or soldering will be defective if the temperature is set too low while components and PCB board will be damaged under high temperature. Components will get blown away if the airflow is set too high.

How does a hot air gun work?

There's an electric heating furnace inside of the hot air gun. A fan helps to converts the energy into the hot air and sends out through a nozzle. A sensor at the hot air gun muzzle will monitor the wind temperature.

And then converts the heat into electrical signals to display and control the temperature. Then pry up the component with a Pry Blade.

How to desolder small components?

Vertical wind hot air gun is used to desolder these kinds of components.

The temperature should be set around 330 °C-365 °C and airflow around 1-3. Because the vertical wind hot air gun heats up so quickly, please wait to begin working until the temperature is stable after starting up.

In addition, the hot gun nozzle should be kept vertical from the component with a distance of 3-6 mm. You should heat evenly above the component for about 13-18 seconds. Then remove the component with tweezers.

How to desolder large chips with hot air gun?

Corner adhesive needs to be removed when we use hot air gun to desolder large chips like NAND.

Helical wind hot air gun is used to desolder these kinds of large chips. Please apply high-temperature tape around the component to protect surrounding components.

The temperature should be set around 365°C-400°C and airflow around 45-65. The nozzle should be kept vertical from the component with a distance of 6-8 mm.
You should heat evenly above the component for about 40 seconds under the trinocular microscope

How to solder Phone components?

For soldering, the soldering method is the same as the desoldering method. You need to put the component in position firstly and pay attention to the temperature as well as airflow.

In summary, the nozzle of hot air gun should be kept vertical from the soldering surface with a suitable distance. The temperature and airflow of the hot air gun must be set properly according to the actual repair circumstances.

You can also purchase SUGON 8620DX Hot Air Gun from Phonefix shop. Please feel free to leave your thoughts on the proper use of a hot air gun for phone repair in the comment section.

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