How to Use S300 iTestBox - iPhone Display Repair Tips
S300 iTestBox tester can help you test iPhone display, 3D touch and recover true tone for iPhone 6 to 12 LCD Screen, telling you whether X above LCDs is TFT LCD or OLED screens. Today we will walk you through some basic operations of  S300 iTestBox in iPhone display screen repair.

In the first place, as a multi-function tester, let’s take a look at the function of S300 iTestBox.

For recycle purpose, It has been developed TP Only mode which can test touch panel only and if the screens LCD broken but touch panel works you can identify it by this mode.

For refurbishing customers, S300 can help you check the LCDs' current to see whether it has inside issue, and the 19 in 1 machine supports test all LCDs like JK, ZY, GX and so on.  

iTestBox DL S300 Screen Tester is designed for iPhone 6 to iPhone 12 Pro Max display screen repair. The S300 is 3 times faster in power on and testing identify speed than S200 Tester

The device is powered by inner 4700mAh battery, supporting fast charge. Test Box can still be used when charging.

How to operate

Lets take iPhone XR display screen as an example. Press and hold the mode+bright keys at the same time to switch the mode for test TP + Displat /TP only /Fog.

a. Test TP-Display mode

1. Connect the display and light it up

2. Click up or down to switch the test interface

3. Small screen and screen synchronization

4. Test whether the touch function is normal on the touch interface

5. Remove the S300 iTestBox when the test is complete

b. Test TP only mode

1. Connect the touch flex cable

2. Press and hold the mode+bright keys at the same time to switch the mode to TP only mode.

3. Small screen sees the touch track

c. Test whether the TOUCH function is normal

1. Press and hold the mode+bright keys at the same time to switch the mode to Fog mode.

2. Connect the touch flex cable

3. Press up or down to switch the test interface

4. Test whether the display function is normal.

d. How to repair TRUETONE

1. Connect to the old LCDs flex cable

2. Long press the RECOVER button to read the screen data

3. Remove the old screen after reading completed. Connect the new LCD screen.

4. Press the RECOVER button to load the screen data of the old screen. Writing data success

5. Remove the S300 iTestBox, install the iPhone XR screen with screwdriver tool kit and test

6. The truetone function works, and the repair has been completed

Other detail guides has showed in the following picture, such as  measurement display, measuring touch, measuring 3D.


1. Please use the officially provided adapter and data line for safe.

2. Please connect data line to TYPE-C interface for charging operation; a battery icon on the small screen shows the status of charging.

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