Instruction! Activate ZXW Online Account Safely And Quickly

How do I activate a ZXW online account quickly and securely after purchasing it from a website? Many customers will consider this issue! Here is a instruction that you can activate ZXW online circuit diagram account quickly.

1. Download the software and Sign Up for an account

Go to ZXWSOFT page (ZXWTEAM), choose English version, and then fill in the appropriate information to register.

ZXWTEAM V3.0 ZXW software download link:!JZ0zSYyD!GJ7qLWYoucfLppILEL3l4vhrMNphnAawKhik0IidDB0

Sign Up link:

2. Contact the seller

After registration,you have an account name and account password, please contact with us (supplier), and provide them your account name and account password.

After we (supplier) get the account name and account password, we will activate it quickly, because we have permission to activate it quickly.

After activation, we will update the news to the user, and the user can start to use it.

Please note: after activation, the ZXW online account users can change their account password by themselves, so you don't have to worry about the security of your account.

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