Instruction: Mechanic bitmap circuit diagram for iPhone Android
2021 Mechanic bitmap circuit schematic diagram has been released, which is similar to ZXW online account or WUXINJI, but it's more powerful. Mechanical bitmap has 15 functions, including repair information,motherboard diagram,diode resistance diagram, annotation diagram, circuit diagram, ect. Here is an instruction of the Mechanic online circuit diagram.

How to download the software for Mechanic Bitmap Diagram?

Download link:

1. Enter the Mechanic company's mall homepage, click "Mobile phone repair bitmap"
2. Click software download
3. Click browse to select the location of the software storage
4. Download
5. Download completed

How to install the software?

1. Decompress the software archives
2. Open the decompress file and double click "Mechanic assistant"
3. Installed successfully

How to register?

1. Select the language, and click to register an account
2. Fill in the corresponding data as prompted by the following figure

Note: for non-mainland China mobile phone number registration, please select Email registration)


1. If a popup that can't be installed normally appears during the installation process, please close the anti-virus software in the computer, and add trust to the software in the computer security center.

2. Before using the software, you need to activate the account and the VIP service.

For any questions, please contact China Phonefix Team on

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