iPhone 13 and 13 Pro Parts Swap for iPhone Repair
Today, we will show you which parts of the iPhone 13 series you can swap between iPhones between the same models (iPhone 13 to iPhone 13, 13 Pro to 13 Pro) and across the iPhone 13 to iPhone 13 Pro.

As we know, iPhone SE and iPhone 8 can swap several different parts, including cameras, SIM tray, Taptic Engine, and iPhone display assembly (including the microphone and proximity sensor). So we hope for is portability inside the same iPhone 13 models.

1. iPhone 13 to iPhone 13 Pro part swaps:

Can these parts works when swapped?

Display: No (connectors are incompatible)

Battery: No (different size/shape)

Cameras: Boots, but no function

Selfie camera and sensors: No (different size/shape)

Earpiece speaker, main speaker, Taptic Engine: No (different size/shape)

SIM tray and reader: Yes for tray, No for reader

2. iPhone 13 to iPhone 13, 13 Pro to 13 Pro swaps

Can these parts works when swapped?

Display: Yes, but without Face ID, True Tone, or auto brightness, and with a “genuine” warning

When replacing the screen on your iPhone 13, Face ID disables entirely unless you have access to a screen programmer. Home buttons are still not interchangeable due to the Touch ID security requirements.

Battery: Yes, but “genuine” warning and no battery health or performance options.

You will see a notification on your Lock screen for the first 4 days that you use your device and in the Settings app for 15 days. After that period, you can find the notification by going to Settings >Genera >About.

It nees a tool likes JC V1S to remove warning message pop-up.

Cameras: Yes, but “genuine” warning present

Cameras installed in an iPhone without the use of Apple’s repair is seen as not “genuine”. However, any iPhone camera you install in an iPhone was made by Apple.

Selfie camera and sensors: Yes on iPhone 13 and Pro, but without Face ID (explicit warning)

Earpiece speaker, main speaker, Taptic Engine: Verified yes for main speaker and Taptic; most likely yes for earpiece.

SIM tray and reader: Yes for tray, No for reader; iPhone 13 readers can be swapped.

The standard iPhone 13 SIM reader remains a modular part held on by a press connector. You cam move the metal tray between any iPhone 13 model with repair tool kit.

The pins that read the contacts on a SIM card are now built directly onto the logic board on the Pro models. It is hard to replace without eSIM. An eSIM is a digital SIM that allows you to activate a cellular plan from your carrier without having to use a physical nano-SIM.

Not yet tested parts: wireless charging, Lightning assembly, logic board, LiDAR

In a summary, there are far fewer similarities between the “iPhone 13” and “iPhone 13 Pro” models of the 13 line. About iPhone 13 to iPhone 13, 13 Pro to 13 Pro swaps, you can finish swapping, but need facing with  “genuine” warning about battery, cameras and some problems about face ID.

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