iPhone 13 Pro Max Tear Down

Today we choose this 256GB Graphite iPhone 13 Pro Max to tear down, the biggest appearance change is rear camera, all new Cinematic mode, 3x optical zoom, with new A15 Bionic CPU and other upgrades make it the star of stars.

1. Power off and eject Sim tray. Around sim tray it's waterproof silicon spacer. Remove two bottom screws and heat the phone for about 3 minutes.

2. Lift the display with a Suction Cup and Plastic Card. Like iPhone 12 Pro max Screen Display, the display flex cable of iPhone 13 Pro max is on the left.

3. Remove the screws that secure the battery shielding cover. Detach the shielding cover. Disconnect the battery.

Loosen the screws that hold the sensor module shielding cover. Disconnect the flex cables of the sensor and screen to remove the screen.

4. Remove the three screws that hold the sensor flex cable. Heat with YIHUA 8858 Hot Air Gun, and disconnect display flex and Sensor& Microphone flex. then we get the screen separated.

We can see A15 Bionic CPU on L-shaped motherboard, and Sim slot is embedded into it.

5. Remove metal shield above rear camera module. Sensor and Microphone flex including top microphone, ambient light sensor. Remove all screws and shield from board.

6. Rear camera module includes wide, telephoto and ultra-wide cameras. Disconnect all flex and take out board. We found biggest size one is wide angle camera.

7. Besides PC connectors they are shock-proof foam and SIM slot was embedded into board. iPhone 13 Pro Max was designed with double-layer, so both side sere has heat-dispatch films.

8. Unbolt screws and take off ear speaker, and position of front camera interchange with infrared camera now. Romove the top internal back housing screws, peel off antenna flex carefully. Heat in advance to prevent torn.

9. Unbolt screws and metal shield, and take LED flash flex out. Unbolt screws and metal shield. Take LIDAR scanner flex out.

10. Then remove rear camera microphone and NFC flex. Take off bottom loudspeaker which is  smaller than iPhone 12 pm loudspeaker.

11. Take off Taptic engine, and it is much smaller than earlier iPhone 12 Pro Max Taptic engine. Pull out 4 battery stickers and take battery out.

It's integrated L-shape design with bigger size and higher capacity to 4352mAh. It has better endurance and can lasts more 11 hours of video playback than the iPhone 12 pro max battery.

12. Unbolt all bottom screws with screwdriver, and peel off charging dock flex carefully. It contains the charging port and two microphones.

13. Unbolt all screws on side button, peel off power, volume, mute, and wireless charging flex carefully.

Comparing with 12 Pro Max, its power function was integrated on volume and wireless charging flex too.

Teardown finished. Now, let us enjoy the part family for iPhone 13 pro max.

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