iPhone XS Max Screen Cracked? Solution for Refurbishing Screen

iPhone screen is an important part and if you accidentally drop your device to the ground and break the screen, it will lead to screen black and unable to use the phone. Now, China Phonefix team would like to share you an affordable iPhone Display Screen Repalcement and repair process.

How much iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max Screen Glass Repair?

Almost every iPhone user will drop their phone and break the device’s screen. This kind of accidental damage is a relatively expensive fix if your iPhone is out of warranty. You need to buy an iPhone XS screen online, preferably with a bracket assembly, which makes it easier to replace.

iPhone model Apple Store screen repair (out of warranty) China Phonefix Shop
iPhone XS Max  $329 $51.99
iPhone XS  $279 $48.99
iPhone XR  $199 $44.99
iPhone X  $279 $47.99

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max repair costs are greater than most iPhone as well. Apple will charge you up to $329 for a iPhone XS Max screen repair out of warranty, which makes screen replacement or refurbishment by third-party repair shops a better choice for customers.

How to Replace iPhone XS Max Screen?

Step 1: Separate the screen from the iPhone

1. Power off your iPhone. If your iPhone has a cracked screen, keep further breakage contained and prevent bodily harm during your repair by taping over the glass.

2. Heating the lower edge of the iPhone. Use a ATTEN ST-862D Hot Air Gun and apply it to the lower edge of the iPhone for about a minute in order to soften up the adhesive underneath.

3. Hold onto your iPhone securely and close the handle of the iSclack to slightly and use opening pick to separate the screen from the rear case of the phone.

Step 2: Remove the iPhone XS Max Screen

1. Remove the bracket, Use a Spudger or a clean fingernail to pry the battery connector up from its socket on the logic board.

2. Use a spudger or a fingernail to disconnect the screen panel cable connector, and pry the digitizer cable connector up from its socket.

3. Carefully lift the cable until the adhesive separates. Remove the display assembly.

4. Use a SUGON 9630 Hot Air Gun apply it soften the adhesive securing the sensors. Separate the microphone. Use Titanium Alloy tweezers to wiggle the ambient light sensor and lift it from its notch in the display.

5. Disconnect the Receiver Flex Cable and Remove the iPhone XS Speaker Receiver and front sensor assembly. Replace the cracked screen, and test the iPhone Function: test-Display; Touch ID and Swipe-up

The cost of DIY iPhone XS Max screen repair includes:

1. LCD screen cost

2. Shipping costs (if it has)

4. Repair Tools, here to buy more Repair Tools: vipfixphone.com

Cracked screen will not only affect the aesthetics but also affect the touch and screen display function. If the screen on your iPhone XS MAX is still working after falling, follow the steps above to purchase a new screen and repair your screen manually.

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