JCID J-BOX New Functions For iOS jailbreak Face ID True Tone Repair
iOS jailbreak tool JCID J BOX new added functions for Face ID and True Tone repair,  Intelligent JC J-BOX IOS jailbreak tool for iPhone iPad ID bypass, serial number/bluetooth/wifi data query, Face ID True Tone repair. JC J-BOX Face ID True Tone App supports detecting receiver FPC flex cable and then repairing Face ID true tone functions.

IOS jailbreak programmer J-BOX New Functions Updated: Face ID/True Tone App Added

Software version: V1.02(1.01)

Please connect JC Repair Assistant to enter the "Accessories repair" interface to update it automatically.

1. The newly Added "Face ID True Tone" App, supports detecting receiver flex cable(accurately detecting whether the receiver FPC cable is original).

2. The newly Added platform connections to detect and unbind the receiver FPC flex cable

3. Connect the JC Repair Assistant, one key to unlock the encrypted data for proximity sensor and flood illuminator sensor.

4. Use "unc0ver" to jailbreak for iPhone X and above models.

5. Repair Face ID and True Tone by replacing the new receiver FPC flex cable.

If the proximity sensor and flood illuminator sensor are damaged, we can connect the iPhone to the J-BOX platform interface to unbind the Receiver FPC flex cable.

After unbinding, we can repair the Face ID and True Tone by replacing the new Earpiece Speaker Flex Cable(receiver flex cable).

More functions will be released in the future.
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