Latest Solution For Motherboard Missing Pads Repair- WYLIE Soldering Lug
The most common way to fix a motherboard missing pad in the past was to weld jump wires on the motherboard. However, now we've got a new product to replace this method - WYLIE Dot Repairing Soldering Lug, which is more convenient and easier. Here let's see what WYLIE Dot Repair Soldering Lug is, and how it works.

WYLIE Dot Repairing Soldering Lug, which is the latest product to replace the jump wire in 2021, it has a variety of shapes and models of soldering lug that can be applied to welding plates in a variety of sizes. Because the soldering lug can be placed directly on the missing pads, so it can repair dots quickly, efficiently and steadily.

How to use WYLIE Dot Repairing Soldering Lug?

1. Peel off the copper foil and there are pads with different sizes and shapes, it can be applied to a variety of motherboards and IC.

2. Find pads with the same size. Scrape the motherboard circuit with a Qianli 011 scraper blade to show the circuit of the missing pad.

3. Apply some middle-temperature Solder Paste and heat with QUICK 861DW Hot Air Gun to form solder balls. Please note that the ball must be securely welded in a uniform size. Clean the pad with PCB cleaner and apply some rosin. Align the pads. Heat with a hot air gun and gently push the pad with pliers. After the motherboard has cooled down, use the PCB cleaner again to clean the pad.

4. Apply some green UV oil evenly on the missing pads that need repair, solidify it with ultraviolet light, then scrape off the excess solder paste with a scraper blade. Now we can see that the repaired pads look good.

5. Now we need to use a Sunshine DT-17N digital multimeter to measure the repaired pad to make sure they are working normally. 

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