Remove Non-Genuine Battery Warning On iPhone Via Qianli Battery Data Corrector

When you see the message "Unable to verify this iPhone has a genuine Apple battery" and "Health information not available for this battery" on the iPhone after replacing the iPhone battery, we can use Qianli Copy Power Battery Data Corrector to repair or remove this warning.

Qianli battery data corrector is a new programmer for repairing iPhone battery issues, this qianli battery data corrector is suitable for iPhone 11-12 Pro max, it can modify or change the iPhone battery data, such as the recalibration of battery health reporting in iOS, iPhone battery health, or the pop-ups warning information, ect.

The message means that the battery in the device cannot be verified as a genuine product, and the maximum capacity will not display the percentage. Now follow me step by step to calibrate the battery data and change maintenance status, and correct battery health to 100% via Copy Power Battery Data Corrector.

1. Turn off your phone and take the battery off. Cut the original machine battery protection board.

2. Welding the new battery to the battery protection board of the original machine with 3GOA Portable Spot Welder.

3. Apply the Heat Resistant Polypeptide Gold Adhesive Tape for protecting battery. Paste the protective adhesive, make sure the battery is sufficient, and use other batteries to activate the popover of the phone to reset the data.

4. Connect the battery data corrector with the modified battery and calibrate the battery data.

There is no pop-up window display after startup, and the previous maintenance status disappears. At this time, the battery health has been corrected to 100%.

Modern smartphones such as iPhone XS or above don’t have everlasting batteries. So, when you replace your iPhone battery with a genuine battery or a third-party repair battery if the old one has given up the ghost, a copy power battery data corrector can keep your iPhone battery as good as a new one.

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