Renew iPhone Health Information and Recalibrate Battery
An iPhone 11 battery health displays repair state, and maximum capacity is 88%. When connected to 3utools, its health data turns red. Now, we'll replace the battery, erase Non-Genuine Battery Warning, renew iPhone health report, re-calibrate battery health to 100% with i2C Battery data corrector and other tools, and modify cycle time back to 0 perpetually.

The tool is suitable for a genuine battery and these troubleshooting tricks will apply universally to the iPhone 11 and above as well.

Fix battery issue with i2C Battery data corrector

Step 1. Replace the battery.

1. Power off the iPhone, and separate the display. Remove the metal panel and disconnect the battery flex and the display flex cable.

Remove the display and tear off the battery adhesive tape and take down the iPhone 11 battery.

2. Tear off the original battery bottom cover tape, and take out the BMS board.

Remove the new battery BMS board as well, and place the original BMS in the right position of the new battery (Don't mess with anodes and cathodes).

3. Now use 3GOA Spot Welder Welding Machine to solder the BMS board to the new new iPhone 11 battery.

Paste the battery cover tape on the board, connect the battery to the machine and activate the iPhone 11 battery.

Step 2. Remove Non-Genuine Battery Warning and Renew Battery Health Data

1. Place the new iPhone 11 battery back to the phone and connect the i2C battery repair flex cable. 

2. Erase the Non-Genuine Battery Warning, correct the battery health status, modify the number of cycles according to the instructions on the i2C screen.

3. Connect the display flex cables to the iPhone. Turn on the iPhone. 

Non-genuine battery warning disappear. Turn off the phone and reassemble the display back. Repair status is gone, battery health has corrected to be 100%, 3Utools came normal. Cycle number is modified to 0.

The following two tools have similar function for renewing iPhone battery:

1. JC V1S Battery Repair Board

JC V1S Battery flex cable can also solve the maintenance problems such as the charging times, battery lifespan, battery code, warning message pop-up, and so on.

2. Qianli Copy Power Battery Data Corrector

The tool,
Qianli Copy Power Battery Data Corrector, can remove pop-ups, repair battery health states, re-calibrate correct maximum volume to 100% for iPhone 11 and above. Only original battery flex can be use on this machine.

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