Repair iPhone Home Button Via Universal JC Fingerprint Flex Cable
Though the thing iPhone 7/7P/8/8P home button doesn't work seems uncommon, finding your iPhone in such a state must be painful. Don’t worry. JCID universal Fingerprint Flex Cable is designed for iPhone 7/7P/8/8P home button repair. In this article, China Phonefix Team will show how to use universal JC Fingerprint Flex Cable to repair iPhone home button functions.

JC Universal Return FPC Flex Cable enables the original dismantled home button to realize the return function, and it supports Fingerprint serial number edit. Go through this article to explore more about how to replace touch ID or fingerprint when iPhone 7 home button is cracked.

Step 1:

Remove the two iPhone bottom screws on the iPhone. Put the iPhone screen on the CPB screen separator to heat the lower edge, soften the adhesive securing the display. Apply a suction cup to front panel above the home button.

Step 2:

Insert spudger and slide iPhone around the phone from bottom to top. Pull up on the suction cup to lift up the display.

Step 3:

Remove the lower connector bracket, lift the battery flex cable, and disconnect the two lower display connectors the front panel sensor assembly connector.

Step 4:

Remove the display assembly and the bracket that secures the home/Touch ID sensor. Carefully pry up the underlying connector with Spudger Pry Opening Tools, and move it out of the way of the home/Touch ID cable.

Step 5:

Heating the area around the home/Touch ID sensor with ATTEN ST-862D hot air gun, separate the adhesive holding the home/Touch ID sensor cable. Remove the home/Touch ID sensor. After replacing the JC Fingerprint Flex Cable, reinstall the phone.

As you know, the iPhone 7 and later models don't have a physical 'Home' button. The response you get (vibration) using the 'Home' button is due to the Taptic Engine encouraging the 'click' when pressed. The  iPhone 7 home button is shaped sensor for sturdy performance.

The JCID Universal Fingerprint Flex Cable is applicable for iPhone 7/7P/8/8P home button replacement.


1. During this procedure, to avoid accidentally straining or tearing the display flex cables, it's best to completely detach the display assembly before beginning repairs on the home/Touch ID sensor. But if you are comfortable doing so, you may skip the display assembly section of this guide and go straight to the home/Touch ID sensor section.

2. JC Fingerprint Flex Cable can't Repair TOUCH ID, only iPhone home button return function working.

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