Repair Iphone X Not Waking Up with Incoming Calls Issue
It’s a common issue where the iPhone X screen doesn’t turn on or wake up with incoming calls and the phone is not responding at all. You will have to unlock the iPhone, and then go to the ongoing call. Thus, the article offers solutions to fix the problem.

The general repair process of a repair technician is to take out the motherboard, check PMU and baseband CPU, and then replace or re-solder the faulty component. Today, we would like to show you a new "signal borrowing" solution to fix the problem quickly and efficiently.

1. Disassemble the phone and disconnect the iPhone X Battery. Remove the display assembly and take out the motherboard.

2. Connect the motherboard to the PCB bracket. Use a YIHUA 8858 Hot Air Gun to heat it. Remove the heat dissipation sticker on the back of the motherboard.

3. Open the JC Drawing Diagram Bitmap. Find fault point, the circuit related to the wake-up signal may be malfunctioning. We can borrow the wake-up signal from WiFi-related circuits.

4. Connect test point of baseband wake-up signal with test point of WiFi wake-up signal through Mechanic Jump Wire.

5. Scrape off the insulating coating on the two test points with MECHANIC Scraper. Then apply some solder paste on the two pads. Heat to with a soldering iron and use solder paste to tin on both pads.

Use 0.02mm enameled copper wire to connect test point of baseband wake-up signal with test point of WiFi wake-up signal. Then coat the wires with UV Solder Oil.

Reassemble the phone and test it. The fault is cleared.

If iPhone X incoming call display delays, which means their device doesn't let them catch the sight of the caller ID or the 'Accept' and 'Decline' buttons on the screen while the phone is ringing until around 10 seconds later.

Here are some easy tips that you can follow when iPhone X incoming call notification on screen delays and you are unable to accept the phone calls.

1. Force Restart iPhone X

2. Reset All Settings

3. Back Up & Then Factory Reset iPhone X

4. Restore iPhone X with iTunes using Recovery Mode

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