Reviews: SS-890C And TL-168 Screen Hydrogel Film Cutting Machine

Putting a film on your cell phone in the traditional way not only takes a lot of time, but also wastes a lot of energy. Is there a tool that can keep inventory pressure away and reduce costs? Now, there are two SS-890C and TL-168 Screen Film Cutting Machine.

New solution

Here, I would like to introduce two kinds of screen film cutting machine: SS-890C screen Hydrogel Film cutting machine and TL-168 screen film cutting machine.

There are a little difference in price and accessories, but the other features and functions are similar.

Price: SS-890C(Without Film):$435.55, TL-168(With 50PCS TL-1812H):$465.99, SS-890C is cheaper $30.44 than TL-168 for without 50PCS TL-1812H.

Voltage: SS-890C=TL-168: 110V/220V

Use: SS-890C=TL-168: Phone /Watch/Tablets etc.

Accessories Option:  cutting blade, scraper tool, Hydrogel Film, ect.

The common features of two types:

1. One machine, one membrane, Cloud Database, Sharp Scraper Tool

2. Perfect fit with the front and back of the phone Cloud Database - Live Update.

3. Suitable for mobile phone front/rear film, watch, air pods, camera. Applicable to all models phone, such as Samsung ,iPhone, Sony, Huawei.

4. Mobile phone APP operation, Bluetooth connection, Precision pressure roller, Guide rail design, Free displacement

5. Have a separate operating system, no need to connect to a computer

6. COG large screen LCD display, Intelligent precision cutting, Independent control of temperature and air volume

SS-890C Screen Protector is smaller than TL-168, and SS-890C Cutting speed is 15s while TL-168 needs 20s to finish cutting.

Tradition Screen Cutting

Tradition Screen Cutting face the following troubles.

Trouble 1: In the mobile phone store, sellers can see a variety of mobile phone film took up a lot of space. It also needs a lot of time to put them in order.

Trouble 2: Before sellers replace screen protectors, they have to mark and distinguish models of phone brands such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc.

Trouble 3:
When someone want to buy it, sellers also need to pick out the style they want based on the features they want, such as Anti-Blue Light, Frosted and waterproof style.

Trouble 4: We buy a screen protector online, and then try to apply on phone by ourself. The several times experiments waste a lot of mobile phone film for lack of experience.

The two intelligent mobile phone screen protector film cutting machine can easily cut screen protectors and avoid the above problems.

Film cutting machines achieves on-site cutting according to customer's mobile phone model and permanently updated model database and a variety of screen protector types to meet different customer needs.

The item effectively save the inventory cost and purchasing cost for different phone's screen protector. You can finish fast inventory obsolescence due to the speed of phone model replacement block.

Other high quality film cutting machines :

- PHONEFIX FX-866 Film Cutting Machine

- MECHANIC S760 film cutting machine

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