Solve Non-Genuine Battery Warning on iPhone XS-12 Pro Max

If you replace the battery of iPhone XS or above, there will be the pop-up system message "Unable to verify this iPhone has a genuine Apple battery" and "Health information not available for this battery" on the iPhone. This means that the battery in the iPhone can't be verified as genuine after replacing, whether it is a third-party battery or a genuine iPhone battery, which can be a problem as long as it is replaced by an unauthorized repair shop. Luckily, now we can remove this non-genuine battery message, let's see how to fix it.

Before we start repairing, we need to know why this information appears on the iPhone X and above models after battery replaement.

As we know, the iPhone XS and above use a chip that requires an authentication module that can be used to pair the battery with the iPhone logic board information. In order to remove important battery messages, we can transplant the battery management system of the original battery into the newly replaced battery.

The original battery data is stored on the battery management system board, which is so-called BMS, it is connected with the iPhone battery flex cable.
Now we need to replace the new battery BMS with the original one so that we can erase the warning.

Step 1: Remove the iPhone battery (Take iPhone 11 as example)

1. Power off the iPhone, snap and remove the two iPhone bottom screws.

2. Use Suction Cup and plastic plectrum to slice and separate the display.

3. Remove the metal panel. Disconnect the battery flex and the display flex cable, remove the display.

4. Tear off the battery adhesive tape and take down the battery.

Step 2: Remove the original BMS board and solder it to the new battery

1. Tear off the original battery bottom cover tape, separate and take out the BMS board.

2. Remove the new battery BMS board as well, place the original BMS in the right position of the new battery (Don't mess with anodes and cathodes).

3. Now use 3GOA Spot Welder Welding Machine to solder the BMS board to the new iPhone battery.

4. Paste the battery cover tape on the board, connect the battery to the machine and activate the iPhone 11 battery.

Step 3: Install the new Phone 11 battery and test

1. Place the new iPhone 11 battery back to the phone and connect the flex cable.

2. Connect the display flex cables to the iPhone.

3. Turn on the iPhone, go to Settings, non-genuine battery warning disappear.

4. Turn off the phone, tighten the screws and fix the metal panel back.

5. Reassemble the display back, tighten the two screws on the bottom, and the whole process is completed.

Recommended tools for iPhone battery repair:

- JC V1S Battery flex cable

- Qianli Copy Power Battery Data Corrector

- i2C Battery Repair Tester

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