The 4 Best SUGON Soldering Stations for iPhone Repair

After researching and testing SUGON soldering stations, we made the sheet of comparison among SUGON T26, SUGON T26D, SUGON T36, and SUGON T3602 on heating time, channel, output temperature, power, lead-free and special design.

Rapid Heating 2s 2s 1s 1s
Channel CH1, CH2, CH3 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Output Temperature 200℃-500℃ 200℃-500℃ 200℃-450℃ 100℃-450℃
Power 80W 80W 85W 120W(MAX)
LCD Digital Display Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lead-free Yes Yes Yes Yes
Special Design Soldering Tips Disassembly Area Soldering Tips Disassembly Area A/B zone, Soldering Tips Disassembly Area

According to the above data, we can see that the four soldering stations have screen and are lead-free.

However, SUGON T36 and SUGON T3602 heat faster and have more power. SUGON T3602 has double soldering handles.

SUGON T26 and SUGON T26D have higher output temperatures. SUGON T26D has soldering tips disassembly area.


The output temperature of SUGON T26 soldering station reaches 200-500 degrees Celsius, and its max ambient temperature is 40℃.

Just use the metal part of the handle to touch the iron stand (don't use the sharp tip) the temperature immediately rises by 80 degrees for 15 second.


The SUGON T26D soldering station has 200 ~ 500 degrees Celsius Output temperature. 2 seconds temporary warming humanized design is convenient for the use of maintenance personnel. The precision iron head can be used with JBC handle.


SUGON T36 soldering station with a JBC C115-112 soldering tip for mobile phone welding repair. 35W power, JBC handle and soldering tip are great for cell phone soldering repair. Turn on the machine, display window shows: "---", it is on standby mode.


2 In 1 SUGON T3602 soldering station with JBC 115 210 soldering iron tips and double soldering handles. Two soldering iron tips can be used separately at the same time for different maintenance operations

The 4 soldering station can immediately enter into sleep mode when the handle is placed on holder, which is easy to operate.

SUGON T26, SUGON T26D, SUGON T36, SUGON T3602 has Three memory channels: CH1, CH2, CH3, and the temperature of each channel can be set separately for storage and recall.

Temperature setting and storage :

Heat Up :

Press up button once, the temperature window will show the set temperature to up 1℃. hold up button for at least one second, the set temperature will heat up rapidly until up to the set temperature you did set.

Cool down :

Press Down button once ,the temperature window will show the set temperature to down 1℃. hold Down button for at least one second, the set temperature will cool down rapidly until down to the set temperature you did set.

After parameter data is set, keep hold CH1 button to up or down temperature and save it.similarly, keep hold CH2 or CH3 button to set the storage temperature and save them.

Installation Notes: Connection

1. Plug in the soldering iron handle to the proper host socket.

2. Place the soldering station and hang the JBC soldering handle on the bracket.

3. Make sure the power cord is plugged in correctly.

4. Turn on the machine, display window shows temperature

Attention: Turn off the power and avoiding damage PCB during unplug or plug in the soldering iron handle.

 A soldering station is an electronics repair tool that allows the user to adhere iPhone Screen Display, chips, wires, resistors, and transistors together. Each type of welding platform has its own unique characteristics, and you can buy from China Phonefix Shop according to demand.

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