To Replace iPhone XR Back Glass At the Top Speed
If you have broken the rear glass of your iPhone XR. Don’t worry! Today we would like to show you how to replace the rear glass and make sure the keep the new iPhone XR rear glass thickness as same as the original.

1. Do Laser treatment on the Back Glass

After getting the state of 8.37mm thickness, put the phone on the TBK 958M Laser Separation Machine for removing the back glass. The machine can reduce the tear down difficulty of iPhone. 

2. Back Glass Removing

The back glass is very easy to be separated after doing laser. Use a blade and a sharp knife to remove the back glass.

3. Cleaning the Black Objects

Before cleaning black things. We should clean the edge of the panel with a small spatula.

Clean lean the black objects with cleaning cloth and isopropyl alcohol.

4. New Glue Adding

This Mechanic Adhesive Glue is really useful because they are the key point to keep the same thickness as the original one.

Add new glue around the phone body and blank place without glue.

5. Install A New Back Glass

Stick a new back glass on the phone and apply pressure with LCD Clamp Fixture.

The replacement process is complete. Measure the thickness of the phone. The final result shows this phone is looking as perfect as the original one.

In a summary, we used a laser separating machine to replace the back glass of the iPhone XR at the fastest speed. We clean the glue inside the phone body, keep its thickness as the original.

Besides the laser separating machine, China Phonefix ALSO provides the TBK-308A Laminating Machine, bubble removal machine, flex cable bonding machine, freezer separator, hot air gun soldering iron, consumable, etc.

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