Troubleshooting an iPhone 11 Stuck on Black Screen of Death

A problem that sometimes appears is the iPhone Black Screen of Death. The phone screen is black, but the iPhone 11 can still hear notification and calls. Sometimes, the screen may be off, in any case, the screen remains off.

This issue is common and it can happen due to multiple reasons. Here are 4 solution to tackle the trouble.

1. Check Your iPhone 11 Battery

May be your battery is drained, so you need to check your iPhone 11 Battery.  The case is possible, and it often happens. Plug your iPhone into the charger and press the home button. If the Apple logo appears, you are safe and just avoided a rather uncomfortable experience.

2. Restart your iPhone

If you can hear notifications from text messages or phone calls, the screen will be dark and there will be no response. This problem usually indicates that the iPhone is frozen or crashed. The simplest solution is to restart the force.

Quickly press then release the Volume Up button and the Volume Down button in turn. Press and hold the iPhone Side Button for about 10 seconds then release when you see the Apple logo.

3. Update the Crashing App

When you use an unsafe app loads something, like streaming apps, your phone may stuck on black screen of death.

Exit the app, enter the App Store to update it. If there are any available updates, specifically for the app that is crashing, install them and restart your iPhone.

4. Hardware Issues

When your iPhone was dropped or got wet, it will get stuck on black. It time to check your hardware. The iPhone 11 display screen problem, or motherboard problem. Here is an hardware repair case that the burned out resistors lead to black screen.

Step 1

Using diode mode of the multi meter to measure diode values of pin 26, 24, 22, 20, 18, and 16 on J8000 and observe whether there is an open circuits in the circuits of the two pins after remove the screen and disconnect the battery.

Step 2

Remove the shielding cover with QUICK 2008 hot air gun, and protect the connectors with high-temperature tape.

Step 3

Replace the two burned out resistors R5651 and R5661. Apply some Solder Paste Flux and disassemble the resistor. Apply some medium temperature solder paste and continue heating. Solder the two inductors with a heat gun.

Step 4

Remove the High-temperature Tape, measure whether the diode values of pin 24 and 18 return to normal with DT-17N digital multimeter.

Step 5

The measured value is normal. The phone can be turned on and its display is working properly. So far, iPhone 11 black screen issue has been repaired successfully.


1. It's recommended to set up a Hot Air Gun to disassemble the resistor at 360°C and an air flow of 40.

2. It's recommended that the resistor be removed with Hot Air Gun at 360 °C and airflow 40.

3. It's recommended to keep the hot air gun at 380℃, and the airflow 60 for soldering the inductors.

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