Using a SUGON T26 Soldering Station for iPhone Repair
Soldering is a important step for iPhone connection between chips. A soldering station is the basic tool for soldering for hobby work to professional repair jobs. Now we are going to talk about the SUGON T26 soldering station to use for iPhone repair.

About SUGON T26 Soldering Station

SUGON T26 Soldering Station has adjustable temperatures from 200-500 degrees Celsius. It comes with a digital LED screen. Three memory channels are CH1, CH2, CH3, and the temperature of each channel can be set separately for storage and recall.

Coming with a T26 soldering handle and one power cable for phone BGA PCB reballing welding, it is easy to operate. It can immediately go into sleep mode when the handle is placed on holder.

The single-chip microcomputer control system can make the temperature of the soldering iron head rise rapidly, which means that the user can operate at a lower temperature and improve the soldering quality and working efficiency.

List of items you need to get your hands for soldering

After the discussion of the soldering station to use for iPhone repair, let us look at a list of other items you need to get your hands.

PCB Holder:

You need a item to prevent clamps from moving during use in order to allow heating. Take the time to find a quality PCB Holder Fixture. Do not cheap out. A special anti-skid pad let the hot air can be discharged more efficiency. Add heat sink to button of clamp.


There are two types of solder: lead-based and lead-free. Lead-base tends to be the preferred option because it melts at lower temperatures, but it is a health hazard. It must be used in a well-ventilated environment and safety precautions must be undertaken.

If you want to avoid that risk, then lead-free solder is the better option and SUGON T26 is a lead-free soldering station.

Soldering Iron Tip:

Sugon T26 soldering station uses JBC C210 series soldering iron tips, the original JBC soldering iron tip, high quality. Common models are precision cutter/Pointed /Bend head(C210002/C210018/C210020). This high-quality soldering iron tip is very suitable for mobile phone PCB BGA logic board repair.

PCB Cleaner:

You need a PCB Cleaner to gently remove dust & erase smudges from delicate equipment without leaving residue. Bad cleaner can actually damage the PCB further.

Jumper Wire:

It allow you to connect one point on PCB to another. There are always 0.01mm/0.02mm insulated jumper wire for running jumpers and traces on cell phone logic board repair without worrying about shorting out components along the way.

Cutters and Small Tools:

Some small tools that will come in handy include screwdrivers of select sizes, tweezers, and small brush. All of these can help you with your cell phone repair depending on what the task is.

Note : Just use the T26 soldering station metal part of the handle to touch the iron stand (don't use the sharp tip). The temperature immediately rises by 80 degrees for 15 second.

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