Using FX-866 Hydrogel Film Cutting Machine To Protect Screen Glass
At present, the mainstream tempered glass film on the market generally has a thickness of more than 0.3mm, which makes phone look like a brick. For the pursuit of hand feeling, many young people use a film cutting machine to cut phone films to protest the screen or rear cover glass, such as PHONEFIX FX-866 Hydrogel Film Cutting Machine. Is it easy to use the film cutting machine to cut the mobile phone film? Today, China Phonefix Team will introduce it for you.

The film cutting machine cuts the phone film easily, and it is deeply loved by many young people.

Because the phone film cut by the film cutting machine mostly uses a thinner and softer hydraulic film, the thickness of this film is only about 0.12mm as measured by a micrometer. The thin and light film fits closely to the phone body. On the basis of protecting the phone from bumps and scratches, it truly restores the high-definition, lightness and smoothness of the real phone in terms of vision and feel.

The Soft Hydrogel Film cut by the film cutting machine not only has a satisfying front film thickness, but also the thickness of the mobile phone back film is also surprising. The ultra-thin thickness of 0.14mm directly exceeds the very thin thickness of 0.5mm mobile phone case. It is light and thin, and easy to hold for a long time.

How to use machine to cut film?

Step 1: Put in the film and align with the line

Step 2: Close the spanner

Step 3: Select the phone model you want on APP

Step 4: Click cutting

FX-866 Features:

1. Blade holder gear 1-10 can achieve flexible adjustment and convenient cutting.

2. Suitable for mobile phone front/rear film, watch, air pods, camera. Applicable to all models phone, such as Samsung ,iPhone, Sony, Huawei.

3. Infrared Senior system, support Auto-feeding film material.

4. 4 gear High pressure, easy to cut all kinds of film high precision film, cutting positions.

5. Large screen LCD display, Intelligent precision cutting.

6. It can be operated by Bluetooth and touch screen as you like, and no need to connect to a computer.

In addition, the mobile phone film cut by the film cutting machine made major breakthroughs in terms of fit, repairability, and feel. All four peripheral corners can be intimately "care" in place, without warping and dusting; It can automatically repair small scratches and remove small bubbles in a short time.

In summary, we can see that PHONEFIX FX-866 Hydrogel Film cutting machine has almost squeezed the design limit of the mobile phone film from the film material, details to the final effect. It opens the door to a new world from the perspective of hand feel and visual perception, and makes the era of heavy tempered glass film a thing of the past.

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