Using  IIT ShortCam Thermal Imager to Fix iPhone X Won't Turn On
Rosin is a complex and time-consuming method for faulty components locating when repairing logic boards. Therefore, you can use the Thermal Imager instead for more efficient repair work. Today, check the guide to fix iPhone X and you will be surprised at the accuracy and efficiency of IIT ShortCam Thermal Imager.

Through the analysis of normal, abnormal motherboard comparison mode, the Thermal Imager can quickly and accurately identify the problem chip, and troubleshoot motherboard, which greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of maintenance of the new generation of overhaul equipment.

Step 1: Diagnosis

The phone won’t turn on when we hold the power button to turn on it. Take apart the phone and disconnect the battery with iPhone Disassembling Tool Kits. Remove the screen and take out the motherboard.

Measure the boot current first. Connect the battery connector with the Power Supplier and turn on the Power Supplier. The ammeter's current reading is  is larger than normal value.

The iPhone X NAND flash chip and the area surrounding it are hot when we touch the motherboard with hand. It indicates that rails on the area might have shorted. There are so many components on the hot area, we can locate the faulty component with the help of the Thermal Imager.

Get the motherboard powered on after put the motherboard under the IIT ShortCam Thermal Imager. We can see clearly that C2647 is extremely hot, so C2647 is probably damaged.

When remove C2647 and run diode mode measurement of its bonding pad, the measured value is normal. We can confirm now that C2647 is damaged.

Step 2: Troubleshooting and Repair

Let’s replace with a new capacitor and see how it works. Clean the bonding pad and apply some Paste Flux to the bonding pad. Then solder a new capacitor onto the board with SUGON 858D Hot Air Gun Rework Station under the microscope. Assemble the phone and test. The phone turns on normally.

About the Thermal Imager

IIT shortcam Thermal Imager is a professional motherboard testing instrument, help you farewell to the traditional complex detection method, and infrared diagnosis instrument tests faster and more precision.

It features high contrast display, high temperature alarm, Multi-color mode, Accurate positioning Capture/Video, 0ne-button to operate.

With dual cameras, the infrared camera can easily detect abnormal motherboard area visible light camera can enlarge the details, extract motherboard contour, quickly and accurately find out the problem.

IIT shortcam Thermal Imager can Detect the motherboard chip, resistor and capacitor running temperature by the powerful PC intelligent analysis software and intelligent algorithm.

It supports one button to power on the power line and provide power to the motherboard, the display mode is set to thermal imaging mode, and the software quick-check function can detect the faulty parts. So the infrared diagnosis instrument tests faster and more precision.

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