Using JC J-BOX Jailbreak Tool For iPhone 11P/11PM True Tone Repair
Now, new functions of J-BOX released: J-BOX adds support  for iPhone 11 Pro/11 Pro Max truetone repair without original screen. JCID J-BOX jailbreak tool can be used for jailbreak iPhone/iPad and bypass ID data queries, ect. It is PC-free and can query Wi-Fi/Bluetooth address.

Why iPhone 11 Pro/11 Pro Max needs J-BOX for true tone repair without original screen?

1. iPhone 7-11 could obtain TP code (truetone code) from normal mobile phones WITHOUT jail break

2. iPhone 11P/11PM could only obtain TP code (truetone code) from normal mobile phones AFTER jail break

Operation Instructions:

1. Jail break 11P/11PM with uncover

2. Connect the jailbroken mobile phone to J-BOX via iPhone lightning cable and J-BOX to the computer

3. Open JCID Repair Assistant and enter the "Repair Fitting" interface

4. Connect and enter the J-BOX "detection/unbinding" interface, and click "detection/ unbinding" to obtain the TP code (truetone code). At the same time, JCID platform will back up the data to the cloud server.

5. User can repair truetone by reading/writing device iPhone Screen code and writing the TP code to the new iPhone display screen(operation guide as follows)

Method 1: V1S+Screen board

Method 2: D8 screen repair module

You can check the video about how to use J-Box IOS jailbreak box by the link:

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