UV Glue Gun Liquid Clear Adhesive For Cellphone LCD Screen Repair

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High quality UV glue gun LCD touch screen repair liquid optical clear adhesive glue for cellphone repair tool, plastic glue gun which is designed for use with UV glue for attaching screen glass and touch screens, UV loca liquid optical clear adhesive squeeze sprayer caulking gun tool - black

UV Glue Gun For UV LOCA Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive Gun

Product Specification :
  • Item name: UV Glue Gun
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Black


  1. Good quality and newest tool
  2. The squeeze sprayer is made from plastic material
  3. The tool is used to help users to squeeze LOCA liquid optical clear adhesive fast and smoothly
  4. UV LOCA gun will make your work more easily and conveniently when using your glue to repair your phone

  1. Push the black handle to the front, then pull the rod to the back
  2. Put into a tube of UV LOCA with nozzles
  3. Promote the trigger to make the adhesive come out smoothly

Package included :
  • 1pcs x UV Glue Gun (without glue)

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