CPS-3205 Digital Input Adjustable DC Power Supply 0-30V 110V-230V

Option: CPS-3205


CPS-3205 series Adjustable Digital DC Power Supply, 0-30V / 0-5A/ 110V-230V


1: CPS-3205: with Lock function.

2: CPS-3205L: current: three digit display, voltage: Four digit display

3: CPS-3205D: current: three digit display, voltage: Four digit display, 3 kinds DC Power Supply

Top performance cost ratio
High power density, smallest and compact
Aluminum shell, lower EMI
The microprocessor(MCU) control
Using Encoder to set the voltage and current
Four digital volt meter and three digital current meter
The current meter displays mA automatically when current below 1A
High efficiency, up to 88%.
Low Ripple & Noise: ≤ 30 mVp-p.
Output ON/OFF
LOCK switch
110V/220V main AC power input selectable
Intelligent protection: Tracking OVP, Tracking OCP, OTP, Output short circuit protection

Operation Voltage Range:95-132Vac OR 198 – 264Vac
Operation Frequency Range:45 – 65HZ
Output Voltage Range:0 – 32V
Output Current Range:0 – 5A
Efficiency (220Vac/full load):≥ 87%
Full Load Input Current(220Vac):≤1.4A
No Load Input Current(220Vac):≤ 80mA
Volt Meter Accuracy:≤ 0.3% + 1 digits
Current Meter Accuracy:≤ 0.3% + 2 digit
Load Regulation (0-100%):≤ 30mV
Line Regulation(198-264Vac):≤ 10mV
Ripple & Noise (Peak-Peak):≤ 30mV
Ripple & Noise (r.m.s):≤ 3mV
Set Accuracy:≤ 0.3% + 10mV
Transient Response Time (50%-100% rated Load):≤ 1.0ms
Load Regulation(90%-10% Rated Voltage):≤ 50mA
Line Regulation (198-264Vac):≤ 20mA
Ripple & Noise (Peak-Peak):≤ 30mAp-p
Set Accuracy:≤ 0.3% + 20mA
Size(width× height× depth):120×55×168mm
Net Weight:0.85KG

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