DCSD Alex Cable Engineering Cable Serial Port for iPhone iPad DFU

Option: DCSD Cable


DCSD USB Cable for WL 64Bit Mijing HDD Test Fixture / WL Mijing 64Bit iPhone HDD Test Fixture Engineering Line

DCSD Alex cable for engineering line, the DCSD Alex cable is used in factories to communicate over serial to run tests and write to the SysCfg (for serial definitions, etc) during production

WL 64 Bits iPhone HDD test fixture engineering line is the specialized dcsd USB cable, this dcsd USB cable need work with our 64bits Nand test fixture and PCIE Nand Repair tool, Connect the 64bits Mijing HDD test fixture with your computer.

Alex Cable Identification : 

  • Customer: A56B
  • Customer: P/N:591-0567
  • Description: Bacon DCSD cable
  • Serial No: ******
  • Date: *****

Work with Following Machine: Model: W012, Model: W004, Model: W003, Model: W005, Model: W002

Link: https://rstforums.com/forum/topic/107445-dcsd-cable-for-iphone-ipad-ipod-engineering-exploit/

JC C2 DFU box read/write iPhone Nand data without disassembling,alternatives to DCSD cables, JC C2 DFU box not only can read write the underlying information of the iPhone Nand flash, but also can test current and voltage for iPhone, boot automatically with one click, and quickly detect the iPhone motherboard.

JC C2 box software update for new function of engineering cable, support iOS system engineering mode operation. DCSD USB engineering line , JC C3 DFU box One-key read write iPhone Nand Data DCSD cable replacement part

Product Features :

  1. Update JC software to latest version.
  2. Connect iOS device with JC C2 box and computer, and then enter recovery mode automatically, restoring firmware quickly.
  3. Accurate display of current and voltage in real time.
  4. One-key automatically boot, detecting the iPhone motherboard quickly.

Package includes :

  • 1pcs x DCSD Alex Cable

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