DCSD Alex Cable for iPhone Serial Port Engineering Cable

Options: Used second hand


Note: This cable can't work alone, need works with a software/DFU box, don't accept return or refund.

Product Features 
  • Used to communicate over serial to run tests and write to the SysCfg (for serial definitions, etc)
  • The DCSD Alex cable can make support perfectly after MAC OS SOFTWARE is free of charge;
  • Used for factory programming, are stable and durable
  • Double FT232 IC, data transfer very fast
  • Enter the purple screen can batch operation

Product Specification :
  1. MAC system is required
  2. There are system requirements, and the best system to use at present is 10.14.6
  3. After installing the software, the files will be damaged and the software will not open, so it is necessary to debug the computer.
  4. After opening the platform, you will often fail to enter the purple screen, and there is a probability of entering the mode.
  5. There is no separate platform. After entering the purple screen, it needs to cooperate with other platforms to read and write data.
  6. You'll also need a Windows computer, because the read-write platform can't be installed on a Mac.
  7. Supported models are not complete, only 7/7p/8/8p/x is supported

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