Keweisi Dual Out Port USB Current Voltage Tester Phone USB Detector



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Keweisi Dual Out USB Current Voltage Charger Detector for Mobile Phone Battery Tester Voltmeter Ammeter

Dual Out USB Power Meter Tester : 

  • Perfect for evaluating whether or not the computer, USB wall charger, USB car charger are outputting acceptable voltage and current range for the device you are connecting.
  • This Power Meter Tester can plugs directly into any USB socket or cable, which displays on the screen the voltage, current and capacity.

Function :

  • Can easily measure the operating current of the output voltage of the USB port and equipment
  • Small-size, no power, and other ancillary equipment
  • Plug and play also detect USB charger output voltage and current
  • Suitable for factories, Laboratory and users.

USB Tester Parameter : 

  1. Scope of work : Current (0~5A) can detect mobile phone charger voltage compliance DC 5V
  2. Operating Range : U = 3 ~ 7.5V I = 0 ~ 5A
  3. Resolution : Voltage 10mV current 1mA
  4. Error : Voltage <± 1% current <± 2%
  5. Full scale drop : ( When measuring current ) 200mV

Package List : 

  • 1pcs x Dual Out USB Detector

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