Multimeter Test Lead Probe with Banana Plug Multimeter Probe Pen

Size: 10A


Sunshine SS-024 precision multimeter pen, SS-024 needle pen tip multimeter probe, one pair digital multimeter lead probe for cell phone motherboard repair, safety grade 1000V 10A 20A high precision super-pointed pen, superfine needle tip wire pen cable for universal digital multimeter, super-pointed multimeter lead probe pen, SS-024 multimeter test lead probe cable for mobile phone logic board repair tool.

1000V 20A /10A Universal Superfine Lead Probe Needle Tip Wire Pen Cable For Digital Multimeter

[ Optional Types ] :

  • Option 1: 1000V 10A Superfine Needle Tip, Gold
  • Option 2: 1000V 20A Superfine Needle Tip, Gold

Product Specifications : 

  • Red: positive
  • Black: negative
  • Cable length: 88cm / 34.3"
  • Total length: 106cm / 41.3"
  • Professional test maximum voltage: 1000V 20A/10A
  • Universal superfine pen for digital multimeter: 1000V 20A / 10A, test lead probe cable SMD SMT needle tip

Product Features : 

  • Easy to read: "+" & "-" signs near probes (Red -''+''; Black - ''-'' )
  • Made of soft silicone, -50℃ ~ 200℃ still work fine, not easy to knot, not broken.
  • Our Test Lead has one pair of red and black comfort grip probes with flexible insulated test leads
  • With distinctive comfort grip probes, they are heat and cold resistant with safety ratings up to CAT II 1000 V
  • Ultra-sharp Probe Tips Gold-plated probe tips are sharp and hard, easy to reach small contact points on high-density boards
  • Compatible with any meter equipped with shrouded banana input jacket
  • Easy access to ICS, LED, SMD, etc.

Package List :

  • 1 Pair * Multimeter Probe Lead

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