CPU NAND Baseband Edge Glue Cleaner / Remover Knife - 007 008 009

Package: 009


Qianli 007 008 009 Multifunctioal CPU IC Glue Remover Knife UV Glue Cleaning Thin Blade Scraper for iPhone Motherboard BGA Chip Glue Cleaning

Specification : 
  • Material: Stainless steel & Aluminium alloy
  • Handle Size: Length 152 mm, diameter 8.50 mm.

Features : 
  1. The side glue cleaning tool is suitable for iPhone motherboard CPU NAND baseband chip edge glue removing.
  2. When the CPU tin melting point, the blade can be directly inserted into the CPU, the CPU is so relaxed and safe removed.
  3. Equipped with a sharp crescent blade, used to remove glue from hard disk and CPU of your phone effectively.
  4. The handle is designed with a screw texture that enhances grip strength, which can provide you with friction during work, thereby playing a non-slip effect.

007 item Included : 
  • 1* Double head knife handle
  • 3* Moon knife

008 item Included : 
  • 1* Double head knife handle
  • 3* Crescent Knife

009 item Included : 
  • 1* Double head knife handle
  • 12* UV glue removing knife

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