ToolPlus 3D Disassembler Ultra Thin Opening Disassemble Tools



Qianli ToolPlus 3D ultra thin flexible stainless steel pry spudger disassemble tool, Qianli 3D Disassembler for cell phone / tablet screen disassemble opening repair, used to disassemble broken LCD screen of mobile phone and tablet

Qianli ToolPlus 3D Disassembler For Cell Phone LCD Display Screen Pry Opening Repair Tool

Features :
  1. Bending design: increase the bending design at the top of the disassemble Let you never have to worry about scratching the screen
  2. Use method display: Unlike flat disassemble piece, the 3D teardown tablet can be used to disassemble the screen at multiple angles
  3. Use the side bends to disassemble the screen, which can be perfectly embedded in the screen to remove vinyl and avoid scratching the screen of the phone
  4. The corner bend of the 3D disassemble piece can be seamlessly connected to the phone screen
  5. The top bend section is also perfect for fitting the phone slot so that the tear down can have more options
  6. The small tail of the disassembled piece, can make you more comfortable during the disassembling process
  7. The bottom of the disassembled card is disassembled to generate more force, which makes it easy to open the plane that is difficult to shake
  8. Super toughness: selected high-quality steel is more flexible and durable, easy to rebound and easy to deform
  9. Glue-type fitting non-slip: The pressing area realizes the glue-type fitting, which brings the comfort and the anti-slip effect

Specification :
  • Name: 3D screen disassembler
  • T=0.12mm
  • Use type: iPhone/Android

Package included :
  • 1 x 3D Screen Disassembler

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