Iphone 6 6S 7 8 X XS 11 USB Charge IC U2 1608A1/A2/A3 610A3B

IC Name: 5 1608A


iphone 5 5S 6 6S 1608A1 1610A2 1610A3 610A3B Charge IC USB control switch chip, iphone 5 6 6p 5S 6S 7 usb charging ic u2 1608A1 1610A1 A2 A3,  for iPhone 5 5S 6 U2 IC 7 6S USB control IC charging IC 1608A1 1610A2 1610A3

iphone 5 5S 6 6S USB control IC U2 1608A1 1610A1 A2 A3 USB charge IC

[ Option USB charge IC ]:

Option 1: iphone 5 U2 1608A
Option 2: iphone 5S/5C U2 1610A1
Option 3: iphone 6/6p U2 1610A2 - U2/Tristar U1700

Option 4: iphone 6s/6sp U2 1610A3 -U2/Tristar U4500
Option 5: iphone 7/7p USB 610A3B -U2/Tristar U4001

iPhone 5 6 6S 7 U2 USB Charging IC: 1608A1 1610A1 1610A2 1610A3 2400 610A3B SN2400BO iPhone Replacement ICs

Option 6: iphone 5S/6 9pin charge 68815
Option 7: iphone 6 35pin charge SN2400B0
Option 8: iphone 6S 35pin charge SN2400AB0
Option 9: iphone 6 9pin Q1403 charge IC

Option 10: 6 U1502/1508 light control DY
Option 11: 5/5s/6 12pin light control DZ
Option 12: 6S/SE light control 3539
Option 13: 7/7p 16pin light control 3539

Option 14:  iPhone 8/8p USB 1612A1
Option 15:  iPhone 8/8p Charger IC SN2501

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