3M Foam Double-sided White EVA Sponge Screen Tape Sticker

Size: 1.0mm


3M Waterproof EVA Tape Super Sticky Sponge Double-sided Foam Tape Anti-collision Waterproof Sealing Tape for Small Trim Parts Home Handmade Craft

  1. It's easy to use.
  2. 3M white double-sided tape is made of non-woven fabric and coating with acrylic on both sides.
  3. It is very sticky, and has the function of anti-collision and waterproof.
  4. Double-sided ultra-thin sticker has the characteristics of durability, good temperature resistance, water resistance, resilience, strong adhesion, etc.
  5. This 3M foam tape is very suitable for phone repair (LCD touch panel, stick shell, screen, flex cable and so on), laptop, computer screen, nameplate, etc. 

  • Material: Sponge foam + Non-woven fabric + Acrylic
  • Color: White
  • Thickness: 1.5MM
  • Length: 3M
  • Width: 0.1CM / 0.2CM / 0.3CM / 0.6CM / 0.8CM

Note: To customize the tape size, please contact us.

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