iPad 5 6 iCloud Unlock NAND Non-removal Adapter for PRO3000S

Package: 2-IN-1 Non-removal Adapter for iPad 5 6


PRO3000S iPad 5 6 ICloud Unlock Adapter Avoid Remove NAND from PCB, fix icloud locked activation error.

2-IN-1 iPad 5 6 iCloud Unlock non-removal adapter for NAVIPLUS PRO3000S, iPad air 1 2 NAND un-removing adapter for fix iPad 5 6 iCloud Activation Error, Avoid Remove nand from iPad 5 6 motherboard, change underlying data on NAND Flash: Serial Number (SN), Model, Area, Color on iPad 5 Air 1 / IPad 6 Air 2.

Need upgrade your PRO3000S machine to latest V1.1304:

This iPad motherboard test fixture is the professional repair tool, need the professional skills and knowledge, or you can't use it. stay-in-place iPad 5 Air / iPad 6 Air 2 nand flash on motherboard, and don't need remove iPad nand flash, NAND non-removable icloud unlock test fixture adapter for NAVIPLUS PRO3000S.

Can't supported NAND Flash List:

- Adop 28pin combination of double row, directly plug to work, convenient for assembly and disassembly
- Compatible with all the functions of Naviplus Pro3000s
- Reliable probe contact technology between logic board and test fixture
- Imported 0.1 inch 28 Pin double head interconnected probe
- Support all NAND chips from 16GB to 256GB
- The PCB transfer contact adopts thickened ZOZ craftwork, the contact is more durable.

- The plastic shield of corresponding pad area in logic board must be removed;
- The pins between Pro3000s and test fixture should be accurately matched, otherwise, it won't work

User guide of PRO3000/Pro3000s iPad Air/Air 2 NAND Non-removal test fixture:
1. Select the Pad5/6 un-removing option in configuration interface;
2. First click the 'Read' button, it must 'Read' successfully before 'Write' or 'Set/Write', it's not suggested to write the FW data from one logic board to the other logic board, the same logic board is suggested.
3. Now there are several NAND models are not supported by Air /Air 2 non-removal NAND test fixture, and now we are analyzing the models below as possible as we can

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