Face ID Lattice Repair Fixture Dot Matrix Tester For iPhone X-11 Pro

Option: Steel mesh


MaAnt MR-01 face lattice repair fixture for iPhone X XR XS XS MAX 11 11 Pro 11 Pro Max motherboard soldering repair jig, MR-01 Dot Matrix BGA reballing repair jig fixture for mobile phone face ID repair fixture, MaAnt BGA reballing repair platform for iPhone XS XR XS MAX 11 Pro Max logic board repair

MaAnt MR-01 Dot Matrix Tester Face Lattice Repair Fixture For iPhone X - 11 Pro Max Face ID

[ Optional Type ] :
  • Option 1: Planting Tin Steel mesh
  • Option 2: Full set: Fixture + Steel mesh

Product Specification :
  1. Support for iPhone X - 11 Pro Max
  2. Accurate positioning
  3. Tin planting platform
  4. Imported synthetic stone
  5. High temperature resistant imitation static electricity

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