Insulated 0.01mm 0.02mm Welding Jumper Wire for Phone PCB Solder Tool

Size: 0.01MM


Phone logic board copper soldering link wire for phone BGA motherboard welding repair tool, insulated welding jumper wire repair tool for computer tablet, 0.01mm / 0.02mm gaugeor insulated jumper wire for running jumpers and traces on cell phone logic board repair.

Mobile Phone logic boards Link Wire Copper and Soldering Wire for Motherboard BGA chip Welding Repair

[ Option Jumper wire ] :
Option 1: 0.02MM - 50M
Option 2: 0.01MM - 50M

Fully shielded and insulated, Insulated magnet jumper wire, Great for running long jumpers without worrying about shorting out components along the way.

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