Mechanic 0.01mm Insulation Jump Wire 200m for Phone PCB Soldering Tool



Mechanic FXS-001 0.01mm insulated soldering jumper wire conductor wire for iPhone logic board BGA chip repair, repairing jumpers on any broken traces of electronic circuit boards, suitable for micro soldering work in iPhone, Android and Mackbook.

Mechanic 0.01mm Insulated Soldering Jump Wire Conductor Wire for BGA PCB Welding Repair Tool

Insulated Coating prevents the jumpers from touching other components to avoid short circuit.

Features :
  1. 0.01mm thin and 200m in length jumper wire
  2. Ideal for running jumpers on circuit board
  3. Insulated Jumper wire to avoid shorting with other components
  4. Suitable for Electronics, iPhone and Android cellphone logic board repair
  5. 0.01 ultra-thin jumper wire, good toughness, not easy to break
  6. FXS-001 jumper wire, copper containing 99.6 %, stretchable
  7. MECNAIC strength research and development, 0.01 mm thin, 200 in length

Package includes :

  • 1pcs x Mechanic Insulation Jump Wire

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