MECHANIC XG-20 50 250 BGA Solder Flux Paste Welding Tin Cream

Size: 16g
Type: Leaded


MECHANIC XG-50 XG-80 XG-250 Lead-Free BGA Solder Flux Paste High-Preformance Soldering Tin Cream for Phone BGA Soldering Iron Station

Option Type - Leaded:
  • Option 1: XG-250 200g
  • Option 2: XG-80 60g
  • Option 3: XG-50 42g
  • Option 4: XG-40 35g
  • Option 5: XG-30 20g
  • Option 6: XG-20 16g

Option Type - Lead-Free:
  • Option 7: XG-30AA 20g
  • Option 8: XG-50AA 42g
  • Option 9: XG-80AA 60g
High temperature - 217℃
Low temperature - 138℃

  • Product: XG-50 / XG-250 / XG-40...
  • Storage Condition:0-10°c
  • Weight: 16g-200g

  1. Harmful by inhalation and if swallowed.
  2. Danger of cumulative effects.
  3. Keep away from food,drink and animal feeding stuffs.
  4. When using do not eat,Drink or smoke.
  5. Avoid prolonged or repeated contact of any skin with solder paste. In case of solder paste ingestion see a doctor immediately.
  6. Store container well closed and cool.

Package includes:
  • 1pc x Solder Paste Flux

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