WL 2 IN 1 CPU NAND BGA Reballing Stencil Platform for iPhone 6-XS Max

Package: A8 for for 6/6P
Option: Without magnetic base


WL 2-IN-1 CPU NAND Baseband IC BGA Reballing Stencil Platform Positioning Mold for iPhone 6 6S 7 8 X XR XS XS Max 

Description :
  • When you purchase this product for the first time, you must first purchase the magnetic base
  • Magnetic base + Positioning plate + Tin mesh (Together to use)

Features :
  1. 0.1-0.12mm thickness, high hardness, hardly deformed, increase the success rate on BGA reballing solder working
  2. It is the top quality BGA Reballing Stencil for iPhone CPU and NAND, A9 / A8 / A10 / A11 / A12
  3. WL Top quality fast speed BGA Reballing Solder Template Stencil

Optional Positioning Plate (Black) : Not universal, can't working with different BGA Reballing Stencil
Need the right model BGA Reballing Stencil, the Black Positioning Plate just match with the right BGA Reballing Stencil 

Package included :
  • 1pc x BGA Reballing Stencil

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