ATTEN MS300 3 IN 1 Soldering Hot Air DC power supply Platform

Model: ST-965
Voltage: 220V


ATTEN MS-300 3 in 1 Combination Hot Air Gun Desoldering Station DC Power Supply Maintenance System

ATTEN MS-300 3 in 1 maintenance system: 15V 3A dc power supply + 1000w hot air gun + 65w soldering iron, ATTEN MS-300 combination maintenance system for soldering / de-soldering / dc power supply repair working.

Product Specification : 
Soldering Station (ATTEN ST-965)
  1. Automatic standby, automatic shutdown, intelligent timing.
  2. With buzzer alarm function.
  3. Temperature lock, temperature calibration and
  4. Temperature alarm function.
  5. Password protection function and temperature linkage switch function
  6. The microcontroller controls temperature calibration.
  7. The newly designed LCD display makes the controls visual.
  8. Buttons for presetting or switching frequently used temperatures (1,2,3)

Hot Air Station (ATTEN ST-862D)
  1. The LCD display makes the controls visible.
  2. Temperature unit switch function.
  3. Temperature lock, timing work function.
  4. The single-chip microcomputer controls the temperature calibration and constant work compensation.
  5. Powerful airflow and brushless fan.
  6. Easy to replace the pluggable heater.
  7. Convertible with straight and spiral air.
  8. Auto sleep function.

DC Power Supply (ATTEN APS1503)
  1. The USB interface, two-screen displays.
  2. Using MCU digital string adjustment, low ripple, low noise, and high stability.
  3. Adopting dual meter design, more suitable for telecommunication equipment.
  4. Fast dynamic load response speed to optimize communication equipment.
  5. Supports automatic recovery of overcurrent protection (OCP) and OHP.
  6. The Independent USB interface can provide 2.1A current output, support DC and short circuit protection.

Package includes : 
  • 1pcs x Soldering Station ( ATTEN ST-965 )
  • 1pcs x Hot Air Station ( ATTEN ST-862D )
  • 1pcs x DC Power Supply ( ATTEN APS1503 )

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