ATTEN WX-2008D Intelligent Hot Air Gun Beginner Soldering Station



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ATTEN WX-2008D Intelligent Hot Heat Air Gun For Mobile Phone Motherboard Welding Repair Tool

Product Description : 
The Atten WX-2008D intelligent hot air soldering station has a power of 800W. The station will reach the operating temperature quickly, due to the high power. With the use of two buttons, the temperature can be adjusted easily from 100℃ and 500℃. The three shortcuts make it possible to store temperatures. The knob on the soldering station makes sure the air flow can be regulated. Furthermore, when the hot air gun is place onto the stand, the auto-sleep function will be activated.

Product Specification :
  • Rated working voltage: AC 230V±10% 50Hz (110V±10% 60Hz Optional)
  • Rated power: 800W (Max)
  • Power fuse: T5A(230V AC) T10A(110V AC)
  • Temperature setting range: 100℃~500℃ / 212ºF~932ºF
  • Temperature accuracy: ±35℃
  • Air volume setting range: 10-100%
  • Temperature unit: ºC / ºF, Default ºC
  • Hot air flow: 120L/min (Max) 3L/min (Max
  • Standby heater cooling function: Stand by
  • Abnormal alarm: Display S-E as sensor failure, Display H-E is the heating core failure
  • Signal function: Yes (default open)
  • Quick function: 3 sets of fast temperature
  • User temperature compensation: ±50ºC / ±90ºF
  • Heating power display: 5 dynamic power strips
  • Temperature adjustment step: Long press to adjust quickly by 1-unit number short press to adjust by 1 unit
  • Air volume adjustment step: Adjust by 1 unit
  • Fast temperature/air volume: 3 sets of temperature / air volume, can be quickly called
  • Working conditions: Temperature 0ºC~40ºC Relative humidity <80%
  • Storage conditions: Temperature -20ºC~80ºC Relative humidity <80%
  • Dimensions: 167(L) x 142(W) x 148(H)mm
  • Weight: Approximately 3kg

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