Bakon BK950D Portable Soldering Iron Station Welding Repair Tool

Option: DE Plug
Size: Without soldering iron


Bakon BK950D blue electric soldering iron station is the internal heating type welding tool, option AC 110V 220V digital display soldering iron station for mobile phone motherboard welding tools, Bakon 950D soldering station with digital display sreen and T13 welding iron, it is used for mobile phone logic board soldering repair, PCB equipment and other craft projects

Bakon BK950D 50W Electric Digital Display Soldering Iron Station Adjustable Welding Repair Tool - DE EU UK Power Converter

Product Features :
  1. Uses Trinity digital display.
  2. Split design, easy to replace.
  3. Handle design, lightweight, prolonged use without fatigue.
  4. Heater-stream design, reasonable structure, easy to replace.
  5. Metal handle plug allow you to use more conveniently.
  6. Imported silicone handles, high temperature materials, soft wire, feel good.
  7. It does not require specialized knowledge; the general staff can replace its heater.
  8. Creative iron frame, easier to use.
  9. With additional cleaning sponge.

Product Specification :
  • Item name: Portable Soldering Iron Station
  • Brand name: Bakon
  • Model Number: Bk950D
  • Type: Electric Soldering Iron
  • Color: Blue
  • Output Power: 50W
  • Input Voltage: 220V / 110V
  • Dimensions: 120*60*36Mm
  • Output Temperature: 180-450 Celsius
  • Suitable Soldering Iron Tip: T13 Soldering Tip
  • Display Mode: Digital Display
  • Heating Time: 8S Warming Up (Up To 350 Celsius)
  • Application: Universal Electronic Welding

Different size: T13 series soldering iron tips for BAKON BK950D, T12==T13, T13-ILS, T13-BC1, T13-D24, T13-KU, T13-K, T13-BL, T13-J02

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